F2P Reviews

City of Steam: Arkadia ()
January 17, 2014 -

  When you read the word “MMORPG”, the first thing that pops up in your mind is probably the typical… More »

War Thunder’s Ground Forces Expansion ()
January 17, 2014 -

  Recently we got the chance to check out War Thunder’s new Ground Forces expansion that is currently in closed… More »

Drakensang Online ()
January 13, 2014 -

  Drakensang Online is the first online incarnation of the Drakensang franchise, a niche RPG saga which was born back… More »

Magic Barrage, the 8-Bit MMO ()
January 10, 2014 -

  We took a look at the new pixel-based free to play browser game Magic Barrage from R2Games, and developed… More »

Goodgame Empire ()
January 9, 2014 -

  This in our adventure into Goodgame Empire from Goodgame Studios, the Flash-based browser MMO where players must build up… More »

Eredan Arena ()
January 8, 2014 -

By: David Puig Available for iOS, Android and now Facebook, Eredan Arena is a free-to-play CCG (Collectible Card Game) developed… More »

A new look at Wizardry Online ()
January 7, 2014 -

  With our first step into Wizardry Online, the “most hard-core fantasy MMO ever created” (words from the publisher, but… More »

First Impressions on Swords of Divinity ()
December 13, 2013 -

First Impressions on Swords of Divinity . Swords of Divinity Review   During this past weekend we checked out R2Games’… More »

Aura Kingdom First Impressions ()
December 12, 2013 -

  We were given the chance to check out Aura Kingdom, the new free to play fantasy MMORPG from Aeria… More »

Star Conflict Closed Beta Review ()
November 21, 2013 -

  When you hear the name Gaijin Entertainment, the first thing that comes to your head is probably War Thunder,… More »

World of Warplanes ()
November 18, 2013 -

  Recently our team had the opportunity to participate in the closed beta of World of Warplanes the flight combat… More »

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Closed Beta Review ()
November 8, 2013 -

  In our first look at The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot (TMQFEL), the MMO… actually we’re not quite sure… More »

First Impressions on Cloud Pirates ()
November 7, 2013 -

  Recently we got a chance to check out Cloud Pirates, the new MOBA from Allods Team where players take… More »

S.K.I.L.L. – Special Force 2 Exclusive Review ()
October 24, 2013 -

  With a couple of exceptions, Gameforge‘s games line-up is all about fantasy titles; however, with the latest addition, officially… More »

Pirate Storm Exclusive Review ()
October 10, 2013 -

  Ahoy, mateys! Today we woke up with a sudden craving for salt water and sea breeze in our hair,… More »

Triad Wars Preview
Triad Wars Preview ()
October 8, 2013 -

Triad Wars Preview We’re heading back to Hong Kong to check out Triad Wars. Coming out of closed beta a… More »

Rift Exclusive Review ()
October 3, 2013 -

Rift Review   Developed by Trion Worlds and released back in 2011, RIFT: Planes of Telara is one of the… More »

Dragon’s Prophet Exclusive Review ()
September 27, 2013 -

Dragon’s Prophet Exclusive Review – Savage Hunt   Dragon’s Prophet is a long awaited free-to-play action MMORPG developed by Runewaker… More »

Merc Elite Closed Beta Review ()
September 19, 2013 -

  The MOBA is a genre which is currently growing up very quickly. After the worldwide triumph of League of Legends, which showed… More »

WildStar Free-to-Play version Review
WildStar Free-to-Play version Review ()
September 10, 2013 -

WildStar Free-to-Play version Review Wildstar is setting itself up to switch to its new free to play business model very… More »

Hearthstone Exclusive Review ()
September 9, 2013 -

  There are two ways to describe Hearthstone. First, easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master. Secondly, three words are enough: fast, fun and addictive…. More »

World of Fishing Review
World of Fishing ()
August 4, 2013 -

World of Fishing Review Recently we took out a little time to give a little more time and attention to… More »

Firefall Open Beta ()
July 22, 2013 -

  Developed by Red 5 Studios, Firefall is an interesting project which has recently reached the open beta phase after… More »

Rising Cities ()
July 2, 2013 -

  Recently we decided it was about time to jump into Rising Cities, a browser game published by Bigpoint, and… More »