Guild Wars 2 exclusive preview

9 Overall Score
Graphics:: 8/10
Gameplay:: 9/10
Story:: 9/10

Action combat, interesting game mechanics, fascinating background story and deep crafting system

Not many PvP maps

Guild Wars 2 exclusive preview

Guild Wars 2 is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and its gate is open now, we’re going to tell you about our first steps into this AAA title that is breaking chains all mmo games have been dragging since they exist.

The first thing you see is the launcher and the character selection screen, which has this painterly style that looks so great and it’s almost a trademark, after that, what you get to see is the long server list which is just a fact due to the high expectation the game has raised. Next if you’re joining a highly populated server you are likely to discover one of the new brings into game, which is a brand new queuing system in which you can still play with people while waiting to get into the main shard so it doesn’t matter how long is the queue, you will always be able to play the game.


Character Creation is different than what you may be used to by letting you choose the bio of your character by picking different options, since Guild Wars 2 is focused on character storylines that are dynamic, allowing you to choose between some actions to take from time to time, so each character’s story will be different, but that is just a small part of what you can do in the game, there are several things to do once you’re in the game, there are a lot of marks on the area’s map with different shapes and colors and each one means a different goal you can achieve by moving there, there are view spots, where you have to get to difficult and strange places to complete it, place spots, simpler than previous ones, reputation spots, you have to help people around the area by performing a wide range of actions, teleport spots, you have to get there in order to discover them and be able to use them and last but not least, the events that take place all around the area which is the funniest way to level up, so forget about all that “go there and kill that”.

Combat wise, you can focus on get fun since there are no roles in this game, no healer, no tanking, everybody can choose the skills they want to use so if you want to survive longer you may want to pick more healing or evading skills because there will be no healer per se to save your ass, so everybody have to take care of themselves.


The crafting system in the game has a similar base to most mmo rpg but is more complex, having to get some recipes from specific professions out by mixing materials, so you discover them instead of learn them, when it comes to elaborated items, you will have to craft its parts first before you can build the final item, which will feature different qualities depending on the making process. On the other hand you have a materials bank apart from the regular bank, so you can picture how many materials you may need.


The overall game experience was fantastic, the storyline missions are great with the cinematic completely voiced dialogues and the ability to choose your next step, the gameplay was smooth and the combat is fresh and dynamic, plus you always have events taking place all around where all players jump in, so you will get a lot of fun out of this title, and remember, since there is no subscription fee, there is less to think about if you want to play it.


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