The Settlers Online () ( )

Developer: Blue Byte Software Platform: Internet browser SYNOPSIS The settlers online is a free-to-play resource management-MMORTS which brings the popular The Settlers franchise right into browsers. Players are the kings… More »

UFO Online () ( )

  Developer Funatics Platform Internet browser Overview Set in the near Future where mankind has divided itself into three major factions that compete for the last of Earth’s resources. Energy… More »

Atlas Reactor (, ) ( )

GENRE: Strategy Arena PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Trion Worlds OVERVIEW A team based strategy players must work cooperatively to battle AI challenges and other players in turn based combat where everyone… More »

Golden Age () ( )

  DEVELOPED BY: Giant Games PLATAFORMA: Internet browser SYNOPSIS Golden Age is a browser-based MMORTS Travian-style that adds to the genre some improvements and new features like a polished graphic,… More »

Stronghold Kingdoms () ( )

  Developed by: Firefly Studios Platform: Client Based SYNOPSIS Stronghold Kingdoms is a client based strategy game set in the medieval era in Europe; a classic age of castles and… More »

Travian () ( )

GENRE: Strategy / Empire Management PLATFORM: Web Browsers DEVELOPER: Travian Games OVERVIEW Travian (also known as Travian: Legends) is a free to play strategy game for Internet browsers in which… More »

Foxhole () ( , , , )

Foxhole GENRE: Shooter/Strategy MMO PLATFORM: PC DEVELOPER: Clapfoot OVERVIEW Foxhole is a massively multiplayer online strategy game set in a WW1/WW2 themed alternate world where two major factions battle it out… More »

ShadowLand Online (, ) ( )

  Developer ZQGame Platform Internet browsers Overview A free to play online browser game Shadowland Online is a combination of real history, fantasy and strategy empire building where players are… More »

Nords: Heroes of the North
Nords: Heroes of the North () ( , )

Nords: Heroes of the North GENRE: Free to play MMORTS PLATFORM: Facebook / Web Browser DEVELOPER: Plarium OVERVIEW Nords: Heroes of the North is a free to play browser based… More »

Civilization Online () ( )

  GENRE: Free to play MMORPG PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: XL Games and 2k OVERVIEW Civilisation Online is a free to play MMO RPG, a step away from the hugely successful… More »

Tower Heroes () ( )

Developer: Odd 1 inc. Platform: internet browser SYNOPSIS Developed in Canada by ODD 1, Tower Heroes is taking the tower defence game genre into a new direction, being a cleverly-balanced… More »

GoalUnited () ( )

PLATFORM Internet browser DEVELOPER Northworks GmbH SYNOPSIS Manage your own football team in GoalUnited, this free to play browser game gives you access to all the tools needed to successfully… More »