Dragonbone Dynasty

GENRE: Free to play MMO RPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Free to play through your preferred web browser Dragonbone Dynasty sees players take control of their own hero who is the central character in the epic story-arc of love, revenge and mystery as they explore an Asian-fantasy themed world of evils, enemies and monsters. The game focuses on building up a team of Ally heroes, training them, equipping them, and using strategic combat to overcome a variety of PVE and PVP focused content.


- Three classes: Sorcerer, Rogue or Barbarian
- Unlock features as you level up
- Epic story line with you as the main protagonist
- Earn new gear and items to improve Battle Rank
- Strategic team building gameplay
- Tactical combat with Automated options
- Free to play
- Browser gameplay


The forces of the sinister Magnus, creator of hell and ruler of demonkind, has risen during the Golden Age of mankind and is set to bring chaos upon the world as his army of the damned prepare for the final battle. As a seemingly innocent warrior of your village your life is sent into a spin upon returning home to find your family have been slaughtered by these dark forces, you do not know why, you do not know by whom, but you will find out… and you will have your revenge.


The core of the game revolves around earning XP for your main character, which determines your account level, and unlocking new features and the main storyline as you progress. Players earn XP by completing quests and engaging in the various event features for both PVP and PVE to also earn extra rewards that will in turn allow players to make their character, and subsequent Allies, more powerful and increase their Battle Rating (the team rating for how powerful they are in combat).


When starting out players can choose from three available classes: Sorcerer, Rogue and Barbarian, each character has their own primary skills that separate how they perform in combat, as well as a male or female version to play. Sorcerers focus on ranged AoE attacks from the back line due to their weak defenses, Barbarians have similar AoE attacks with from the front line at a tank due to their high defenses and hitpoints, whereas Rogues concentrate on huge single target damage. Players are able to change their character class at later levels.


As well as the main character players will acquire dozens of Allies that will fight alongside them, each with unique stats and skills, who can fight alongside a hero in different battle formations known as Arrays. Depending on the Allies acquired, the primary class for your main character, and the type of strategy a player wishes to use, then there are various strategic choices in terms of which Allies a player may want to use at different stages throughout the game.

The stats of an Ally can determine how powerful they are with their attacks, but also how strong their defenses are, which will in part determine where a player will want to positioning them in their Allies formation; a 3x3 grid which includes a front, middle and backline in battle where players will face off a similarly setup enemy. Allies abilities can have various effects such as attacking a column of enemies directly in front of them (so it is important to have this hero positioning in a column where there are multiple enemies), attacking a backline enemy, or AoE attacks that make attacks in various shapes to hit specific Array positions.


There are numerous ways to improve an Ally and your hero character; acquiring various items of gear that can be equipped to each hero, as well as improving these individual items, will increase the characters B.R. and subsequently the teams’ B.R. Pets, like Allies, can be earned and levelled up to add stat boosts to certain spots within the Allies Array, as well as giving access to Pet Skills that can be used in combat. Wings are another important aspect to upgrading, players can acquire their Wings in various ways, which will not only appear as an aesthetic item on the character, but also give them stat boosts, which will increase as the wings are further improved.


Web Browser


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