Empire Universe 3

Empire Universe 3 Free to Play Browser-based MMORTS

A futuristic RTS where players are able to play as a variety of different alien races, settle their own planet, build up working cities, their own military and then expand across the Universe. Act with peace and ally with other players, using trade and diplomacy to achieve your goals, or raise a huge space faring armada and conquer your rivals taking their planets for yourself.


- New races to play as, each with their own racial traits

- In depth tech tree unlocked by research

-  Create huge armies to defend your planets or as tools of aggression

- Use trade and diplomacy with AI and players

- Harvest valuable resources for your empire to use or sell

- Free to play

- Play in your internet browser


Players are able to build a variety of buildings on planets they own which will unlock different features (such as a Communications Center allows players to contact other leaders throughout the Galaxy), gain them different resources and allow them to further develop other technologies needed to progress and stay competitive against their rivals. Construction takes time to build structures (from minutes to days of real world time), construction can be speeded up by purchasing premium currency and using it in game.


One of the main components of the game is resource gather, using research facilities players are able to research then create various Facilities for different resources (Titanium, Copper, Iron, Aluminium, Silicon, Uranium, Nitrogen and Hydrogen). These resources are used in different ways, typically spent to construct buildings, create ships or build up your army.


Humans: The origins of the human race have been lost to time and so they have become a very independent and balanced people. Humans have no boosts or setback and are the only only balanced race.

Ozoids: Their culture enforces a strict tribal hierarchy where individuals must strive for success for the greater good of their people. Ozoids are capable in Navigation and Battle, but are weaker in Trade, Research, Construction and Economy.

Mosorians: From a planet plagued with gas storms, this once primitive people learned to harness the strong winds to give them a technological edge which ultimately advanced them to space travel. Mosorians main strength is Navigation, but they are less proficient in Trading, Battle and Construction.

Zuups: Zuups evolved from a nomadic people, focused on raiding, tribal feuds and rearing cattle, but with the mechanization of their planet they adapted and evolved, but retain their aggressive bloodlust and savagery. Their strengths lie in Battle and Construction, but their downfall is their weaker Research, Economy and Navigation abilities.

Plentropians: This deceptive race make up some of the greatest inventors and engineers in the known Universe and are geniuses deep down, their talents evolving from their people’s love for racing. As such the Plentropians benefit from improved Trading and Construction, but lack Research, Battle, Economy and Navigation.

Magumians: A mysterious, isolated, subterranean dwelling race they live in vast underground cities whose populous are divided amongst individual clans. The Magumians are extremely capable in Battle and Research, but their weakness is Trading, Construction, Economy and Navigation.

Weganians: Though once nearly wiped out by a disease the Weganians ability to survive has set them as perfect physical specimens, a strong will to survive matches with a unique physical metabolism. The Weganians were made for Battle and they excel in it, but this focus has made them less proficient in Trading, Economy and Navigation.

Cyborgs: Originating from the same planet as the Humans, sharing many of their traits, they have however manages to step away from them and find their own strengths. Cyborgs are proficient in Research and Navigation but are less skilled in Trading, Battle, Construction and Economy.

Jamozoids: Once strongly tied to nature and a symbiosis with the world which they carry with them even as they spread across the stars to new planets. They are gifted in areas of Research and Economy, but their weakness is in Trading, Construction and Navigation.


Players each have their own score and an associated rank in comparison to all the other players that play on the server. Players can check out the ranking ladder to get a good idea of who is around a similar level as they are.

GENRE: Free to play MMORTS

PLATFORM: Web Browser



Web Browser


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