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In Travian you begin with a small settlement that is still in need of developing, from this tiny town you will in time grow from it a might empire. Playing as one of three different tribes, the Romans, the Teutons or the Gauls, you will compete, trade and fight against other players in the hope of being the first to build a Wonder. Only through hands on management of your empires resources and diplomacy with other players can your empire hope to stand the tests of time.

Every 300 or 100 days, determined by the type of server you choose, the game enters “end-game” mode and the NPC AI tribe of Natars begin to wreak havoc on the players empires with wave after wave of attacks. Fighting through these invasions and pushing on to be the first to build a Wonder will end the game and declare you the winner!


When an account is created you are able to choose from the three tribes; Romans, Gauls and Teutons, each of which has its own unique strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the other tribes, as well as ten unique military units each.

-       Romans: With their balanced attack and defense, and relatively powerful units, the Romans are relatively easy to play for new players, however, the Roman units do train up slower in comparison to other tribes and are particularly weak against Cavalry.

-       Gauls: The Gauls are renowned for their strong Cavalry, but are more geared in general towards being a defensive tribe, best suited towards intermediate players with knowledge of how the game works.

-       Teutons: Easily the most destructive in combat, the Teutons are balanced out by having considerably lower defense. Given the more aggressive game play that goes with this tribe they are best used by advanced players.

The AI Natar will doggedly defend its lands and resources, though with strategy they can be conquered and will gather resources and materials for the player that defeated them.


The Travian 4 Hero System has been completely redesigned and now hundreds of personal challenges and missions are available, rewards from which can equipped to various slots on the hero, making him more powerful and customizable.


Internet connection and Java.