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Set in the near Future where mankind has divided itself into three major factions that compete for the last of Earth’s resources. Energy resources are limited and these factions now face an outside threat as alien contact has been made in this free to play 3D browser game.  Join a faction, construct your base, a symbol your team and wage war across the world.

Main Features

Beautiful Graphics - making the most of the Unity 3D engine the 3D models you will experience during battles will set this MMO apart from more dated browser games

Three Factions - in game there are three available factions each with their own advantages, disadvantages and goals; the Central Economic Federation, the American Stability Pact and the Ruling Confederation East

Expandable Bases - build up your own base that can be used to create superior weapons, more powerful units as well as doing heels and repairs

Mercenaries - choose between a variety of different classes for your mercenaries, either tank, sniper, m and more edic , and specialise them with their unique skills

Upgrades - by defeating enemies and completing missions players are able to use resource is to upgrade their items and weaponry to best suit their gameplay needs

Tactical Battles - either playing against other players fighting AI aliens you are responsible for your team’s success which requires patience, tactics and forward planning

Long-Term Strategy - put your plans into practice as you set off on your journey for world conquest


Mankind Made the Mistake of taking the aliens at their word when they arrived with a message of peace, a ruse that was quickly found out and the true goal of stealing Earth’s resources through conquest was revealed. This truth has not been received world over, many still believing the lies of our extra-terrestrial visitors, but there are three powerful factions of resistance fighters who know the truth and intend to put an end to the alien invaders.

 PVP and PVE

The game has two main modess of play; in PVE players will be battling it out against the extra-terrestrial invaders whereas PVP takes place between players and puts their wits and tactics against each other. In both cases skill, strategy and a well-balanced out group will be required to defeat your enemies.

System Requirements

Internet connection


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