GENRE: Free to play Strategy
PLATFORM: iOS / Android


A free to play point capture strategy for mobile devices, Battleplans is a fantasy themed combat title where players control various heroes and their troops as they advance through a story driven campaign battling against the evil Skulls that have invaded the island territories. With RTS gameplay players will focus on battling against AI and automated PVP.


- Discover new heroes with unique abilities
- Level up their troops and customize your strategy
- Advance through a PVE campaign
- Compete against rival players
- Real Time Strategy combat
- Directly control heroes and their troops
- Build up your base improvements
- Free to play


The core concept of Battleplans is a point capture real time strategy, when players initially start the game they have access to a single hero and their troops, in a battle they have a set time limit in which to catch at least three points on the map by stepping on them until they switch colours. If a player manages to have control of two points when the time is up then they win the battle, control all three points and they gain extra rewards. The game offers players extensive customization options, new heroes, more troops and customization as they advance through the game.

Combat is point and tap on the touchscreen where individual hero squads can be selected to move around the map and given orders to defend, use abilities, or seek out new enemies; players must be careful as the opponent's forces on the map move around, defend points and even ambush the player.


Starting out players only have one hero that they can control in a fight, each hero has unique abilities and commands their own individual troops; moving as a single unit with the hero they can be sent around the battlefield to attack enemies, defend locations and capture points. Some of the Heroes are:

Balthor - The first hero in the game, Balthor is a dwarven melee warrior that uses his Thunderstrike ability when he first engages the enemy, smashing his hammer into the ground and knocking all enemies in a large area down onto the ground. His ability can be improved upon when he levels up as well as further upgrades to increase the armor of both himself and his troops

Freya - With her powerful Ice Wave attack she can actively cast a line of ice at her enemies, or she can cast it defensively along her path of movement before she begins to move. Her upgrades increase the duration, as well as a boost to automatically cast it upon dying.


The main force of any army, each hero independently increase the number, type and quality of the troops that they control on the battlefield, allowing for various strategies depending upon what types of troops are linked with which hero. In the game the primary troops are Sentries, Brutes, Serfs, Soldiers, Archers and Knights:

Serfs - The first freely accessible troop in the game, they are weak and do little else than soak up damage whilst their Hero defeats their opponents

Brutes - With a huge amount of health they are immune to Freya's freezing and cannot be knocked down by Balthor, and others, abilities. They hit pretty tough and are hard to take down


Players are able to advance through a solo campaign mode battling the enemies "Skulls" faction, fighting against AI troops and heroes, which in turn allow the player to progress and rescue new heroes, troops and upgrades that can improve their own team. Players take points on the campaign map and gain benefits for holding them, but they must set up their own automated defenses for if any players come to try and take control; giving their units movement, attack and defense orders for an automated defense, but they are able to watch back any attacks to see how the enemy did against their defensive strategy.


Each player has their own base that allows them to gain access to various resources, such as gold, that in turn allows them to train up their troops and upgrade them, and different buildings, in various ways. As players advance they gain access to new buildings and options to make their army more powerful and more capable of advancing through the campaign.


IOS or Android


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