Clash of Olympus

Clash of Olympus

GENRE: Free to play side-scrolling MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


An immersive RPG focusing on an in-depth storyline with action combat that puts players in the driving seat of the main protagonist going up against all manner of Demons and hell spawn in a bid to save the realm. With strong themes of Greek mythology Clash of Olympus offers strategic gameplay and combat where players will build up their character and engage in combat with challenging AI and players from across the world. The game is completely free to play and can be accessed through any web browser.


- Multiple classes/characters to choose from
- Strong quest focused content
- Enhance your characters’ Battle Force with gear, pets and more
- Call on the aid of the Greek gods
- Challenging strategic combat
- PVP Battle Arena and Legion/Guild Wars
- Free to play
- Browser-based gameplay


As ominous clouds begin to hover over the mortal realm the sunlight fades, the lands grow barren and the oceans begin to dry. An ancient glory has been buried by time and despair has crept into the world and now, seeking out the elders they have tasked you with answering the call of the Gods and fulfilling your mission as the worlds’ saviour.


The core of gameplay in Clash of Olympus revolves around players finding a variety of ways to increase their characters strength, otherwise known as their Battle Force. This Battle Force is an ever-growing number based off the players level, equipped items and gear, upgraded pets and the majority of features within the game are geared towards increasing this number that represents their characters overall power. Players will primarily make their way through a story arc, completing quests and learning more about the lore of the land as they fight enemies, progress the campaign, level up and unlock new features.

The endgame focuses on players competing against each other in PVP, either in the Arena or in the guild Legion Wars.


There are three classes to choose from in the game, each class has both a male character and a female available to players:

Archer - a classic bow wielding combatant the Archer is deadly at long range and has high Dodge and dexterity to stop any close quarters attacks from defeating them

Mage - unlocking the mysteries of arcane magic the Mage can summon forth the elements with devastating consequence as they destroy their enemies, and whilst defensively strong they are physically weak characters with lower defences

Knight - equipped with a huge sword and heavy armour this stoic fighter has extremely strong physical defences and whilst they may not damage enemies as quickly as the other classes they can typically last longer in battle due to their defensive capabilities


Combat is completely automated in the game, when players enter a battle they will automatically begin attacking the enemy in turn based combat, unable to control their character the key strategy is to ensure they are upgraded and equipped well enough to face the challenge. Players are able to fight through a variety of quests, take on a huge World Boss and even fight in PVP.


Players can enhance their character in a variety of ways, all of which will increase their Battle Force:

Gear - using weapons and items acquired through quests or purchased in the shop players are able to improve them with various ability enhancements such as Transmute and Enchant

Heroes - through the Gods Pavilion players can recruit various gods that when added to their Battle Team will enhance a players attributes, all Gods can be improved a number of times based on their own personal star rating ranging from 0 to 12 stars

Pets - Pets can be acquired and they will boost the entire Battle Team, as a Pet grows stronger they will evolve and improve their abilities as well as changing their cosmetic look


Players can fight against each other for glory and gain, fighting in the Arena players will tackle each other one-on-one in four hour rounds that reset throughout the day and the top 100 players gain rewards with extra rewards going to the top three. Players in a Guild/Legion can also battle against each other in the Legion Wars where members fight it out and earn points for their own Legion.


Web Browser


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