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  • Forge of Empires Open to Negotiation
  •   Forge of Empires has received a brand-new content update introducing Negotiations, a new way to resolve encounters. Playing a fun mini-game, players will get to move through different situations involving locals without fighting. Players will have to face a mini-game in which they...
  • Guild Expeditions Coming to Forge of Empires
  •   InnoGames has announced today early details of the new game feature in Forge of Empires: Guild Expeditions. This new feature will allow players to gather expedition points in order to earn guild power. Guild Expeditions will include a new interactive jungle map that will take players...
  • [GC 2015] The Future of Forge of Empires
  • We had a sit down with Fabio Lo Zito, the PR Manager over at InnoGames to get a general idea of what was new with the company and their numerous titles; the big switch up right now is trying to ensure there is cross compatibility between their games to get them on browser and on mobile, a...


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