Forge of Empires Fellowship Event

Forge of Empires Fellowship Event
Forge of Empires Fellowship Event

Forge of empires, InnoGames’ award winning strategic city-building game, allows players to create cities that will grow from the stone age through to modern times. In the Fellowship Event, a hero travels through a medieval world, meeting friends and visiting towns to win unique prizes. The event runs from 28th July to 18th August this year.

Forge of Empires players can use their hero, a playable figurine who rides his horse through a picturesque landscape, to encounter other characters and earn great rewards. Players will need to collect travel rations by helping their hero deal with incidents and resolving quests, and these rations give the hero and his horse the energy required to progress. As the hero journeys from city to city, players are encouraged to stop and meet with friends along the way, with each stage of the journey giving players a choice of three figurines to visit. Each character guards a mystery chest that will help players progress to the grand prize.

There are five heroes to choose from for the event, lending an additional element of strategic play. With different levels of expense and a variety of skills, and rewards, choosing the correct hero may make all the difference to event progression.

The special Grand Prize this year is the Heroes Tavern building, which can be upgraded to level 10. Fully upgraded, it produces Coins, Population, Happiness, Forge Points, as well as attack, and defense boosts for the players’ attacking army. Additional buildings can also be won, such as the Knights Pavilion, which provides players with additional goods and two random units from the building's age.

With a number of interesting characters to meet and an array of prizes, the Fellowship Event is the latest in a long line of beautifully designed Events taking place in Forge of Empires. There is also an Event Pass up for grabs, which can provide a whole additional lane of Prizes!

The Journey Begins! Fellowship Event 2022 - Forge of Empires. More info about this brand-new event can be found in this video:

Forge of Empires is available for free on browser and mobile for Android and iOS devices here; Forge of empires for PC, Forge of Empires for Android and Forge of Empires for iOS.

About Forge of Empires

Since its release in 2012, Forge of empires has been one of the world's most successful strategy games, with several million active players in over 30 markets. In Forge of Empires, players guide a village through the different epochs of human history - from the Stone Age to the distant future. Through skillful planning and tactics on the battlefield, they can expand their sphere of influence and create an impressive empire. Continuous content updates ensure several years of fun. You can switch between browser, iOS and Android devices at any time while playing.

Source: Innogames - Forge of empires for PC, Forge of Empires for Android and Forge of Empires for iOS.

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