ElsWord All Set for a New Adventure

ElsWord All Set for a New Adventure
ElsWord All Set for a New Adventure

Gameforge and F2P.com announce the event for ElsWord for this spring. Free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword introduces a new event, titled "All Set for a New Adventure!". Running until May 8, the three-part event offers players exciting challenges and valuable rewards.

Part One: Weekly quests in dungeons or PvP offer a chance to win [Luriel] EL's Hammer (30 days), Blessed Fluorstones, and Restoration Scrolls. Participation is possible from level 10.

Part Two: Upon first login, participants will receive Luck Upgrade gear at upgrade level +7. Further upgrades up to level +13 are possible by extracting Luck Upgrade Scrolls. Accessible for players from level 10.

Part Three: Special packages with blessed fluorstones and other valuable items are available, limited to two purchases per week per account.

The event ends May 8, so don’t miss your opportunity to secure powerful equipment and rewards!

Players can also look forward to more Elsword news announcements later this year!

Source: Gameforge - Elsword Register and play for free here for ElsWord

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