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2 Comments - "F2Pmeter: Is DC Universe Online Truly Free-to-play?"

  1. Apolo 04/11/2015 at 02:47 -

    its actually 10% IMO, because now there are like 6 or 8 powers AND 1 weapon you can’t access as a F2P player, and the end game stuff cost more money than a F2P player can use (that because the F2P character wallet is of a really tiny size apparently), so there is no way for a F2p player to get his hands on a end game armor/weapon/trinket.

  2. Hell1f1know 02/07/2016 at 10:00 -

    Actually, there’s a few that need to be changed. End game trinkets, armor, materials, etc. are completely unattainable if you are free to play. You have a max wallet amount of $1500, then everything else you make off the game goes into an “escrow” that you can’t access and use without paying real world money to get an item to withdraw that money that you worked ever so hard for. And as far as enjoying the game as a free to play player, sure. Long as you don’t mind not being able to buy Anything to improve your character. Then getting hit once by someone 5 levels lower than you, and you not standing a chance because you don’t pay for premium so you can’t compete with the gear they have access to just because of in game funds availability. Then to add to that, you can get items and gear that you pick up that you can’t use. Why? Oh yeah. You’re not a member. So It can’t be used. Got a lock box for a mission reward? Too bad. If you wanna open it, you either have to subscribe or pay $3-5 of real world money to obtain this key to get your reward. You basically hit a dead end at level 30 if you’re free to play. Hell in some situations before max level, you could be getting stomped and can do nothing about it cuz even though your sitting on $100,000,000 in escrow, you only get 1500 of it and top armor is usually $2500+. So literally this shouldn’t be classified as a free to play. More of a pay to win. do yourself a favor and skip the 5+ hour install.