DC Universe Online First look


Check out our video as we leap into the world of DC Universe Online, the MMORPG that is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s an online game set in the DC Universe! Go shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman as a caped crusader or team up with your favourite villains such as The Joker, Circe and Lex Luthor, as you become the next big legend.

For our First Look we went down the bad guy route and knocked up a charming villain that was pretty much a humanoid fox dressed in a Joker outfit, but fitted with a black afro (it looks as awesome as it sounds) and chose our class from a variety of villain archtypes. As The Joker we were equipped with some gadgets and dual pistols, capable of doing both long range and melee with them.

You start the game in tutorial mode, which is in one of the Brainiac harvester ships (check out the official cinematic if you don’t know what the story to DC Universe is; it’s WELL worth it), and fight your way through a few mobs until you get to a final boss type fight at the end of the ships fighting alongside Lex Luthor. The combat is fast paced and relatively unchallenging given that it’s a tutorial, but the scene is set pretty well and the graphics are not too shabby.

From the ship you end up in the Tap Room, a nightclub that is one of many around the cities where the more nefarious villains can gather, play pool, drink and dance.. hey, even villains needs to take a night off, right? More importantly you meet various connections, vendors and quest givers here where you can build up your favour with them by performing tasks.

Our first task sends us out into the city to beat up on some cops and help out the gangster Falcone, one of the bigger names in Gotham from the comics, cartoons and films. We explore the basics of questing and combat and do some exploration of our own using the unique “Movement Mode” as we scale to lofty heights and glide from building to building with the greatest of ease.

So take a look at the video and see how we got on and make your own mind up about DC Universe Online, if you’re into your comic book heroes then we’d say this is definitely not one to miss out on.

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