Wartune patch 8.3

Wartune patch 8.3

Wartune is a Free-to-Play MMORPG Game from R2Games, now R2Games anunce the Patch 8.3 with new events on Wartune;

Dragonchant Clothing

Dragonchanters protect the ancient ruins and keep peace on their land. They are not welcomed by the humans, for what they defend is the incarnation of evil - Dragons. Dragonchanters have strong, hardened bodies and also resemble perfect harmony between wisdom and beauty.

Unlock requirement : Players can unlock Dragonchant after class advancement.

1. The Dragonchant clothing system is freely interchangeable with the player's current clothing system, they all include Engulf, Diagram, Refine; and clothing is made up of 4 parts: Hat, Armor, Weapon, and Wings; The clothing panel also displays Clothing Engulf levels and EXP, as well as the total attributes from Clothing Identification.

2. Engulf Panel

a. Upgrading the Engulf level consumes Fashion Cores or Good Luck Charms. Each of the 2 types of items grant +200 EXP, and consuming other Clothing will also grant EXP.

b. When switched to the Dragonchant Clothing panel, the main character's clothing can not be engulfed, and vice versa, the system will provide a notification.

c. To switch to the main character's clothing, click the button at the top right

3. Identification Panel

a. After obtaining Dragonchant Clothing, you may click the Identification button to randomly gain 1~5 Star attributes.
b. After a successful identification, if the clothing is not maxed on stars, you may use Refine to increase the stars, which consumes Fashion Cores;

4. Refine Panel

Is freely interchangeable with the player's current clothing Refine, and includes 4 parts: Wings, Hat, Weapon, and Armor. Clicking on a part will display the clothing you currently own for that part. Each Refine to any part will consume Clothing Refinement Stones.

5. Set the Default Look

a. The players who have already unlocked Dragonchant can tick the "Default Look" box in the Dragonchant Clothing panel, which will display their original look in Cloud City/dungeons.
b. After setting a default look, it will be displayed in dungeons and Cloud City. This look not affect the player in any way, whether they use the main character or Dragonchant in battle.


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Source: R2Games - Wartune

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