What Do We Love About… Wartune?

What Do We Love About... Wartune?

We’re asking “What Do We Love About… Wartune? ”, a free to play browser title that combines RPG and RTS empire building elements. The game features three different class characters to choose from and revolved around levelling up your character, acquiring new gear and pushing through the story driven content.

Whilst the game has quite a few flaws, we’re focusing on the love, so here’s some of the stuff we love:

Wartune general screenshots F2P1 Wartune general screenshots F2P2

  • Impressive Graphics - The background graphics are extremely well done. Though the in-game models for characters and monsters are weaker the graphics for NPCs during dialogue are really nicely drawn, but the game truly shines with its background scenery. Each area you head into within the world is like walking into a beautiful piece of concept art, extremely well designed immersive environments that really make the 2D world feel so much deeper and richer where exploring is a lot more interesting.

  • No Full AFK - You do actually have to play the game. In comparison to many other Asian RPGs the game lacks a lot of the AFK/automated features that they normally have, where players barely need to engage in the game and it will walk them through it automatically: picking up quests, heading to locations, killing mobs. With Wartune players do need to get involved, whilst there are some AFK features and quest hyperlinks they’re nothing in comparison to other games where you literally don’t need to play the game to level up… which we always thought was kind of pointless.

  • Run Your City - The game has a city building feature. As well as the standard RPG element, with typical combat and story quests, Wartune allows players to run their own city, earning currency to spend on upgrading their city, building new structures that will in turn unlock features and give them different types of buffs. Players can construct and upgrade various buildings such as a Barracks which will give them access to better soldier to take on quests and dungeons, a Town Hall allows the player to levy taxes from their people for a constant income of gold. As an added feature players can actually attack one another’s cities to earn gold and resources, adding an extra dynamic to the game.

  • Guild Warring - Intense and extremely strategic guild fights. The game, in general, is relatively easy and not too taxing, AI fights are quite grindy at times, but when getting into the end game for those players who join a larger guild they may get the chance to experience the guild wars and the intense battles that really make the game a lot more fun. With huge numbers (up to 50 on a team) players fight over Guardian Towers and are repeatedly drawn into smaller instanced based battles, available nearby players can jump into these battles and so good communication between players is a must and brings lots of tactical planning to the game.

  • Intriguing Storyline - The narrative is generally interesting. Lots of RPGs have a weak, overused and fairly shallow storyline, but Wartune do a much better job and the overlying story-arc has enough twists and turns in it to make it interesting. Surprisingly the games translations from its original language the English is quite on par in comparison to a lot of import RPGs where they are generally illegible.

So that’s what we love with Wartune, but more importantly what are some of your favourite things? What do you think could/should be added to our list that makes the game great? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

If you want to know more about the game, click on the "info" button below.

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