First Look at Wartune

First Look at Wartune

We sat down and tried our hand at the fantasy-based top-down isometric RPG Wartune to see what the game was all about, this popular than browser-based MMO has been around for a few years and in many ways has inspired a number of other MMO’s of the genre. In the game players are responsible for levelling up their own hero and recruiting a number of Warriors, mercenaries and divine companions to help you in your quest.

We’ve played a lot of animals of this style and so it was interesting to see whether or not Wartune, a game that has been around a few years now, was offering anything different to the other MMO’s similar to it. Check out our video to find out what we discovered and our thoughts.


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One Comment - "First Look at Wartune"

  1. anip September 11, 2014 at 10:43 PM -

    having played wartune for 1+ years (than quitting)

    I can 100% say the game is heavy P2W

    many players are even willing to pay up to 500 USD for a +50 mount or a Wing

    Also, if you don’t have wings in this game, you suck, because wings add so much stat

    the difference between a casher and noncasher is so large, a noncasher can never reach 50+ rank of class war, it has never happened since the game was first released.

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