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  • Huge Content Update for Wartune
  • Huge Content Update for Wartune   Wartune received a major content update, Path 5.5, introducing numerous changes that bring the game up to date with R2Games' other titles. The update 5.5 focuses on overhauling several aspects of the game, including the City screen. Obsolete buildings...
  • Wartune Free Items Giveaway
  • Today we have another giveaway for you. We are giving away gift packs for Wartune, R2Games' turn-based stratyegy game for Internet browsers. In case you don't know it, this title mixes RPG features, city-building and a QTE (quick time event) combat system. Each key provides with the following...
  • First Look at Wartune
  •   We sat down and tried our hand at the fantasy-based top-down isometric RPG Wartune to see what the game was all about, this popular than browser-based MMO has been around for a few years and in many ways has inspired a number of other MMO’s of the genre. In the game players are...


One Comment - "First Look at Wartune"

  1. anip September 11, 2014 at 10:43 PM -

    having played wartune for 1+ years (than quitting)

    I can 100% say the game is heavy P2W

    many players are even willing to pay up to 500 USD for a +50 mount or a Wing

    Also, if you don’t have wings in this game, you suck, because wings add so much stat

    the difference between a casher and noncasher is so large, a noncasher can never reach 50+ rank of class war, it has never happened since the game was first released.