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  • What Do We Love About… Wartune?
  • We’re asking “What Do We Love About… Wartune? ”, a free to play browser title that combines RPG and RTS empire building elements. The game features three different class characters to choose from and revolved around levelling up your character, acquiring new gear and pushing through...
  • Major Content Update for Wartune
  • Patch 5.0 brings to Wartune several improvements in gameplay and graphics. To begin with, this content update introduces a new Eudaemon (a new guardian character): the Wind Ranger; and improves the screen resolution and the resource loading process when entering a battle. It also introduces...
  • Wartune, free premium packs exclusive giveaway
  • Today we are teaming up with Aeria Games to offer you this exclusive free premium pack giveaway for Wartune. This package contains the following items: 1x Moderate HP Pack: Provides 100,000 HP when used 3x Bullhorn (Small) Level 2: Send messages in world chat 4x Luck Stone: Improves...


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  1. Joni 09/02/2016 at 00:26 -

    I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a breohtr out.