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  • Warface Adds Nano-Suits
  •   Warface launched today a new content update introducing Crysis' iconic nano-suits, a new "Overtime" feature, a new highest rank (82), some balance changes and new weapons, like the WT308 sniper rifle or the medic class-specific CV-12 shotgun. The free to play shooter has added...
  • Warface: The Good & The Bad
  •   Warface is a free to play modern day first person shooter where players can battle through multiple maps and modes as different soldier classes; featuring PVE and PVP and fast paced combat. In our Good & Bad we’ll take a look at what we think the pros and cons are of the game. THE...
  • What Would You Change About… Warface?
  •   Warface is a free to play MMO in a modern urban warfare setting where players can choose from four different classes, actually switching between them during the game, and engage in team focused objective based PVP or extensive Co-op campaigns. With fantastic graphics developed on...


One Comment - "What Would You Change About… Warface?"

  1. Jafarson 02/03/2016 at 11:42 -

    i can’t play warface cause server restrictions, my country is in EU and i can only play russian version……so fq this sht