GENRE: Free to play FPS


Warface Is a free to play military FPS where players work together in cooperative battles against the forces of Blackwood or go head-to-head against one another other in team based PVP matches as one of four different unique classes. Using next gen graphics and special effects using the powerful CryEngine 3 the game offers a stunning cinematic experience that enhances the exciting action packed gameplay.


- Amazing gameplay visuals using CryEngine 3
- Play as four different classes
- Real-time weapon customisation
- Multiple game modes and maps
- Free to play


Warface offers up classic first person shooter gameplay using next-generation graphics with a few modifications and tweaks to give the game its own flavour, with both multiple classes available, weapon customisations and unique team support actions players will be able to gear their character towards their preferred combat style.


In the game there are four classes that players can choose from, able to freely switch between them in between battles and each having their own unique strategy and tactical approach in combat:

Rifleman - a general all-rounder with balanced firepower and defences they excel in close combat with their Assault Rifle, but can also provide much-needed support by resupplying teammates with ammunition

Sniper - deadly at long range support these Sniper Rifle wielding combatant’s lack their teammates additional skills but their prowess in taking down opponents at a distance makes them useful and extremely deadly

Medic - equipped with a Shotgun as their primary weapon they are equipped with strong short range offensive firepower but primarily focus on healing both themselves and teammates and are able to revive fallen allies

Engineer – touting a Submachine Gun this support role has a multitude of functions from adding extra firepower to a team assault, the ability to laydown claymores and remote detonate explosives as well as restoring teammates armour


In Co-op mode players are able to work together with friends or random players in a cooperative scenario-based challenge stepping into the shoes of the Warface organisation as they fight across multiple campaign challenges to take down the global enemy known as Blackwood. Co-op mode acts as an ideal learning curve prior to players stepping into the PVP game modes, enhancing the team based play mechanics with such options as lifting teammates to higher ground, working together to move heavy obstacles and utilising their unique actions that support their allies.

Players are able to unlock rewards by completing the Co-op missions and will also earn the Crowns virtual currency based off their overall team performance and individual player efforts.


Taking on the roles of Warface or Blackwood players go head-to-head in intense PVP match ups, able to handle up to eight players per team there are numerous game types that are available:

Team Deathmatch - a classic game mode that pits the two teams against each other where the objective is to earn points by killing the enemy team members to reach the maximum score or by having the most point when the timer runs out

Storm - an attack and defend game mode where one team must try to capture three strategic points whilst the other team is forced to defend, when the match ends the two teams swap sides

Free For All - this open mode is an every man for themselves, lacking the support of the team players go head-to-head against everyone else on the map, similar to a Team Deathmatch, the first person to reach the max score from their kills or have most points when the time runs out wins

Destruction - teams battle to try and hold control points located at the centre of the map, once held the team calls in an airstrike on the enemies’ positions, with three successful air strikes that team will claim victory

Plant the Bomb - whilst one team is tasked with planting a bomb in the enemies base the other is tasked with trying to defuse the bomb or eliminate all the attacking forces, when the match ends both teams switch objectives where the attackers become the defenders and vice versa


O/S: Windows XP, Win 7
CPU: Cor2 Duo 2.0GHz or AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 4200+
RAM: 1.5GB
Video: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT or Radeon X1950 Series
DirectX Version: 9.0c


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  1. fabiancafe November 14, 2015 at 10:45 PM -

    By the way it is using not CryEngine 3 like it is here but the newest CryEngine engine 😛

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