Warface Taking us to Chernobyl

Warface Taking us to Chernobyl


My.com and Crytek has unveiled their plans for a new update coming late this year to the free to play shooter Warface. It will take players to most renown city of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, "Pripyat", and it will feature new gameplay mechanics and a rich narrative.

This new operation will mark a milestone, as the developers have visited the exclusion zone several time to accurately capture the atmosphere of this place. The update will include new enemies and bosses with new combat mechanics.

“Pripyat is an infamously dangerous place, and now we will give players a chance to find themselves right in the heart of this abandoned city. Once this special operation goes live, it will mark an important milestone in both Warface’s gameplay and plot and will set the stage for a whole series of future plot-related updates, said Michael Khaimzon, creative director of Crytek. “In other words, Pripyat launches a new era in Warface, and our players should be ready for the disclosure of many plot details and secrets.”

Watch the trailer:


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