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  • Pox Nora To Launch on PlayStation 4 on May 23
  • Pox Nora To Launch on PlayStation 4 on May 23   Free to play strategy game Pox Nora will be available on PlayStation 4 on May 23. And that's not all, the game will come to PS Vita later this year. Watch the announcement trailer below. All existing players will be able to copy...
  • Path of De’lim Arrives in Pox Nora
  • Pox Nora's 26th expansion, Path of De'lim, is now available, introducing to the game new runes, heroic achievements, new abilities, balance improvements, bug fixes and a new story chapter. The latest expansion adds 42 new runes (cards that represent spells, champions, equipment and relics)...
  • The F2Peer Review: Summoner’s Legion
  •   Summoner’s Legion, the free to play browser Card Collecting Game, is up for our F2Peer Review, a very different take on the card games that many players might be used to (Hearthstone, Hex, Magic The Gathering, etc.) and incorporated classic card collecting, deck building but on...


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  1. CerealCMonster December 15, 2015 at 9:15 AM -

    this is probably the worst card game i have ever played zzz.

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