Pox Nora screenshots


  • Pox Nora Launches Spirits Beyond Expansion
  •   Free to play strategy game Pox Nora receives a new content update, its 28th expansion. Dubbed 'Spirits Beyond', it introduces a story campaign, a new map rotation, 48 new runes, 20 new abilities with new mechanics and new league rewards. The expansion includes the long-awaited...
  • Ronin Arrives to Pox Nora
  •   A new expansion is already available for Pox Nora. Titled 'Ronin', is the first expansion released by Desert Owl Games since the development team purchased Pox Nora from SOE. Since then, the free to play tactical turn-based game has been completely rebalanced. Ronin builds upon...


One Comment - "The F2Peer Review: Summoner’s Legion"

  1. CerealCMonster 15/12/2015 at 09:15 -

    this is probably the worst card game i have ever played zzz.