Pox Nora

Pox Nora

Genre: Free to play Turn Based
Platform: Windows and Mac
Developer: SOE / Desert Owl Games

Pox Nora Is a turn-based strategy where players can collect, trade and acquire cards to build up their army of fantasy creatures, acquire spells, relics and powerful items to challenge and defeat players in strategic PVP battles. The game is a combination of TCG and tabletop tactical RPGs creating a unique style of free to play MMO that will test player’s strategy.

Key Features

Exciting turn based tactical combat
Hundreds of collectable Runes from spells, Champions and gear
Multiple detailed battle maps which require different strategies to dominate
Collect, trade and create your own Runes
Ranked gameplay
Completely free to play

In the game players build up their own army/deck of Runes, creatures, spells and gear that when combined can be taken into battle by players to compete against other players to gain rank, XP and gold rewards. Players can unlock new Runes through gameplay, acquire them from the in game shop or trade them with other players. As well as this players can take advantage of the Rune Forge to create their own Runes to fill out their collection.

There are eight different factions available in the game, with each having their own benefits and attributes that can be utilised in battles and define how the faction and subsequent troops would best be played. Ranging from the K’thir Forest who have some of the fastest Warriors and a huge amount of ranged combatants and nature focused spells, the Forsaken Wastes can overrun their enemies as the minions that they can command have low costs in battle and can summon destroyed enemies back to the battlefield, or even the Savage Tundra who are able to immobilise their opponents using deadly area of effect spells and numerous ranged ice attacks.

Players are able to mix and match non-faction Runes into their army, however players gain bonuses for having more of a certain faction within their ranks, typically either 15/15 or a Full Faction with each faction having their own unique boosts.

In combat players must initially manage their own resource spending, using the Nora resource players are able to spend it to summon powerful units onto the gridded battlefield in an attempt to destroy the enemy shrine. Each turn players can manoeuvre their units around the battle map trying to engage each other, which is similar to a console tactical RPG or tabletop RPG, spending action points to move and attack enemies. Players are also able to cast a variety of spells providing their units are nearby and as well as trying to destroy the shrines players can attempt to take over secondary objective locations such as pools that help replenish a players Nora each turn.

For those players that have managed to acquire an Avatar then at the beginning of a match their shrine is replaced by a statue of their faction specific Avatar and after a certain number of turns players can transform the statue into a playable Avatar that can deal damage and is mobile. However, as with other champions on the battlefield, the Avatar can now take damage from them, including damage that typically cannot be dealt to Shrines, though the Avatar still essentially acts as a mobile shrine and if destroyed the game is lost. Avatars change their appearance every 10 levels to signify player’s success and strength.

Rune Forge
As players acquire numerous Runes they will in time have more than they need or some that are no longer useful having been replaced by a more useful or powerful Rune. Instead of them being worthless they can be destroyed in the Rune Forge to gain nora shards that can then be re-forged to create almost any Rune available in the game.

The campaigns in the game are a PVE element that allow players to go up against challenging AI opponents as they progress and ongoing story arc where they can acquire resources and gold to spend in the game store as well as gaining XP for your individual Runes as well as the chance to earn new exotic Runes..

System Requirement
O/S: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or Mac OSX
CPU: 500MHz or higher
RAM: 512MB
HDD: 200MB
Video: Nvidia or ATI Graphics Card -64MB VRAM


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