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  • Pox Nora launches Planar Disturbances Expansion
  •   Pox Nora's 29th expansion, 'Planar Disturbances' arrives today on Windows and Mac. This expansion, as well as the previous 28, will be included in the PlayStation 4 and Vita versions of the game when the title launches during Q4 2016. This expansion adds 49 new runes (collectible...
  • Pox Nora Releases Coalitions Expansion
  •   Pox Nora keeps growing with a new expansion. Coalitions is the second one since Desert Owl Games acquired the game from SOE and it introduces 64 new runes (cards taht represent champions, equipment, spells and relics), over 40 new abilities, a new single-player campaign, 40 new champions,...
  • The F2Peer Review: Summoner’s Legion
  •   Summoner’s Legion, the free to play browser Card Collecting Game, is up for our F2Peer Review, a very different take on the card games that many players might be used to (Hearthstone, Hex, Magic The Gathering, etc.) and incorporated classic card collecting, deck building but on...


One Comment - "The F2Peer Review: Summoner’s Legion"

  1. CerealCMonster 15/12/2015 at 09:15 -

    this is probably the worst card game i have ever played zzz.