Ronin Arrives to Pox Nora


A new expansion is already available for Pox Nora. Titled 'Ronin', is the first expansion released by Desert Owl Games since the development team purchased Pox Nora from SOE. Since then, the free to play tactical turn-based game has been completely rebalanced.

Ronin builds upon the strategic gameplay and high-fantasy lore our passionate players love while still remaining accessible to someone trying the game for the first time," said Arthur Griffith, CEO, Desert Owl Games.


Pox Nora screenshot (10) Pox Nora screenshot (1) Pox Nora screenshot (5) Pox Nora screenshot (7)

The expansion includes a new PvE campaign, new PvE and PvP maps, more than 50 new champions, a new map, 64 unique new runes, 40 new abilities and updated to existing features.

Watch the trailer:


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