Swordsman Launches on July 29


Get ready, because Swordsman has just announced the official release date, scheduled on July 29. Along with the live version, players will see the release of a new patch with new content, such as the Demon Pit event that will let them earn the highest level gear.


Swordsman screenshots (20) Swordsman screenshots (18) Swordsman screenshots (14) Swordsman screenshots (21)

If you like martial arts, you will enjoy this wuxia-inspired MMORPG set in the universe based on the wuxia novels of ward-winning novelist Louis Cha, who has sold over 100 million books worlwide.

We recently published a review, which you can check right here. And of course, we invite you to watch our first look gameplay commentary video:



And if you think this isn't enough, take a look at our review or click on the "info" button to know more about Swordsman.


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