What Do We Love About… Swordsman?

What Would You Change About... Swordsman?

For those who are a fan of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style MMORPGs (we know we are) then get read as we take a look at Swordsman Online in our next “What Do We Love About…?” article. The free to play action title from Perfect World is based on the story The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, a wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha) that is the inspiration behind the game. With a variety of classes, PVP options, regions to explore and lots of quest based content, we’re going to hand pick the key things we love the most about Swordsman Online.

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  • The Number of Schools - There are plenty of different martial arts schools to join. Whilst many players may feel that the similarities between some of the games’ martial arts schools are too slight, affording the chance to combine some schools together, personally we love the slight variations between schools and their affiliated fighting style and love the diversity. With plenty of skill and customization options between schools there is something for everyone, whether you want to focus on being more support based in combat, defensive or all out aggression; different schools also focus on utilizing different elements, that no every school can use. One of the things we really appreciate about the schools/clans is how historically accurate they are (albeit some schools are works of fiction), such as only allowing male characters to join as a Shaolin.

  • Combat and PVP - Combat and PVP is extremely fast and fun. As the different schools allow different combat styles and skills it is interesting to see how these are adopted into combat, particularly when fighting against other players in PVP. PVP is prominent in the game, particularly between the level 30 to 40 range and World PVP is opened up (prior to this players are protected from world PVP), open world PVP is an exciting addition to any MMORPG and almost a necessity for one as combat focused as a martial arts MMO. For those who aren’t as keen on open world PVP then there are a variety of arenas and battlegrounds to enjoy to let players pick and choose when they want to fight; included in this are some normalizing features to balance out players’ stats, resulting in a more skill based fight.

  • Guilds - Guilds are more than just a place to share a chat channel and bank. Being part of a Guild, in general, means actively being part of the Turf Wars where players get to battle over control of land in exciting PVP battles. Guilds are also opened up to unique events based on the type of Guild they join/ or create (which requires completing some quests); Mercenary Bands focus on killing outlaws, escorting caravans and generally being the good guys, whereas the Bandit Camps primarily focus on the alternative, they hijack escorts, rescue criminals due to be executed and generally getting up to no good in the name of coin!

  • Immersive World - The story and setting is captivating. As the game is based on Louis Cha’ novel, the story itself is both interesting and imaginative, a slow and steady narrative that draws players into the world and the story-arc, enhanced by the quest focused content and dozens of cinematics in Mandarin with subtitles to truly enhance that epic story feel. More so the worlds themselves are designed with such attention to detail and have graphics that, whilst not the top of range, still hold up well enough and exploring the world and discovering the beautiful environments and spectacular views ties the story and world together.

  • Wuxia - Who doesn’t love it? Anyone who has watched any Wushu/Wuxia film will no doubt have fantasized about living and playing in one of those worlds, running, leaping and battling across rooftops, darting through the air and launching explosive attacks upon your foes with a flurry of punches, kicks and weapon slashes; fantastic. Swordsman does a good job of capturing that flavour in the game whilst still retaining a more traditional MMORPG style, it is a balance of action combat adventure and story content that every Wuxia novel is all about.

These are some of the things that we love about Swordsman Online, but what do you think? What do you love about this game? Would you add anything else to the list? We await your opinions! Let us know!!!!!

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