GENRE: Free to play Martial Arts MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Perfect World


Swordsman is a free to play martial arts MMO RPG that is based on the hugely popular Chinese wuxia novel by JIN Yong (Louis Cha) “The Proud Smiling Wanderer”. Ancient China is currently facing a decade of bloody war where 10 martial arts clans battle it out to become the most powerful as they search for an ancient manuscript that will unlock secret Kung Fu abilities.


- Fight against other players and NPC’s with action packed fluid Kung Fu skills
- Uncover the deep and meaningful story driven plot
- Real-time combat means mastering performing skill combos
- 10 martial arts clans to choose from each with their own skills and strategies
- Prove yourself amongst the other Kung Fu masters in the arena
- Partake in a number of instance based encounters in search for rewards
- Create a Guild and experience a deeper story driven gameplay
- Customise your character’s look with various sliders for impeccable detail


You take on the role as a lone survivor from Lone Sword Village, when a group of shadowy assassin’s attack your hometown slaughtering everyone in their path with his dying breath the village elder chief hands you a sword and explains it is part of a greater secret. Critically injured you flee the village and are pursued by the attackers, unsure of their identity or their purpose you are almost killed until the intervention of an unknown figure, a great martial artist that manages to help you escape.

Rumours have risen that an ancient Exorcist Swordsmanship Manual has re-emerged after centuries, these ancient texts teach the secrets of legendary kung fu martial arts abilities and now the 10 main clans of ancient China seek to recover it for themselves. In time you will learn that this legend and the attack on your village are somehow linked and so your story begins with a mystery to uncover and village to avenge!


Taking place during the Ming Dynasty where the martial arts world of Jianghu is ruled over by various martial arts schools/clans, there are 10 main clans within the game:

Righteous School – the more traditional schools of Wu-Tang, E’mei and Shaolin, the Shaolin in particular focus more on bunt melee attacks using a staff as their preferred weapon.

Orthadox Schools - made up of the Splendor School, Harmony School and Infinity School these new self-proclaimed orthodox schools have established the Five Great Mountains Alliance along with Eminence School and Majesty School (both non-playable)

Unorthodox Schools – Five Venoms Cult and the Sun and Moon Cult have fought with the other clans for decades, the Sun and Moon clan particularly prefer the use of dual daggers and fast and intense martial arts to overwhelm their opponents.


In the game players will be able to follow a main story arc that explains the main mystery that revolves around their character, taking them to various locations such as busy cities and beautiful mountain vistas including some famous locations such as Wu-Tang mountains, Fu Giu City and the Shaolin Temple. Players on their journey will meet a variety of different NPC characters that will have tasks and quests for them, sending them off into mysterious caves or running along rooftops in pursuit of their target.


Players are able to join a Guild or create their own, which opens up a whole new experience of Guild based play. When players have joined up with a Guild they will be able to experience some new and interesting events that take place in the world such as solving murders to putting their skills to good use to protect VIPs as well as trying to steal relics and treasure from rival clans. Guilds gets create their own base that will give them bonuses and they can even battle with rival Guilds in a fight over territory.


Operating System: Win XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0GHz
Graphics: GeForce 9800GT or higher
Sound: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c


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