Star Conflict Launch Date Announced

Star Conflict Free to Play Space Simulation

We've just known that Star Conflict is oficially launching with the new invasion mode on September 4th. A special sale will run from now until launch day to help players stock up on supplies.

Currently in Closed Beta, Invasion Mode features an underlying story in which an alien race that disappeared into another dimension of space and time has now returned to invade and conquer. Star Conflict players must team up in parties of four to explore the new ‘Open Space’ area and combine forces as they take on new quests and engage in PvP and PvE battles. These new activities provide new loot, which can also be used to craft unique armament options and protection for their spaceships.

Starting today, players with closed beta access have a week to defend their home bases against scores of aliens to win prizes. Players new to the fray can access the Invasion Mode Closed Beta by earning in-game achievements “Detachment of Prometheus” and “The Voyage of the Galaxy”.

After September 4th, invasion mode will continue for one more week, allowing all players to join the battle and defend their home bases against the alien onslaught.


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