Star Conflict at Gamescom


We were at Gaijin’s booth at Gamescom 2014 to talk about Star Conflict as well, the space MMO in which players fight each other on starships through different game modes, including PvE missions.

We had a meeting with one of the developers of the game who talked to us about the current state and what’s coming for Star Conflict. For starters the game has seen a major overhaul on ship roles and types, previously there were only 3 types and now it goes up to 9, allowing further specialization and more variety on the battlefield.


Star Conflict screenshot 8 Star Conflict screenshot 7 Star Conflict screenshot 6 Star Conflict screenshot 5

As soon as they got into a battle we realized the lighting and shaders had been updated as well now having an even better look than before, there were also new maps and ships of course. After some battles the dev showed us the new game modes and the content of the invasion update, which brings clans and territory warfare into the game, allowing clans to fight each other, conquer new territories and expand, and getting profit out of it.

Crafting has been introduced as well with a new way of getting materials by exploring areas and salvaging wrecks while kicking some pirate asses. Once you have bought a blueprint you will be able to manufacture that item whenever you have the required materials.

Also the major feature of the invasion patch is the ability for players to gather together and fight off the enemies who are trying to take over the universe, a PvE mode to make players work together. As of now the game has so many new things that will keep players engaged for quite a while, for both pvp and pve lovers.

If you want to know more about Star Conflict, click on the info button below.


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