Seafight Vashtak War

Seafight Vashtak War
Seafight Vashtak War

Bipoint with Seafight's a new Vashtak War Event here on, Seafight Vashtak War event form 17th August to 30 th August.

Now that the Vashtak volcano has erupted onto the scene, deep-held tensions between the Thanwhe and Vanhu have surfaced with no-one able to dissuade these two noble nations from war.

With both nations claiming the volcano as their own and battling for dominance, it is up to you, Captain, to choose your path. Which side will you attack, and which will you defend as the glory of your command becomes a key factor on the Seven Seas.

Packed with new quests and content, Seafight’s Vashtak War gives a new turn to the classic Seafight civil war formula. Master an array of different challenges and chose your side wisely, as you bring the conflict to a climax!

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Source: Bigpoint - Seafight

In Seafight players take control of their own ship as they make their way through 50 seas across four environments, which include arctic areas, tropical lands and lava filled zones. With a number of different ships available, and over 100 ship designs to choose from, it is an action packed MMORPG with constant creation of new levels, quests, weapons, pirates and millions of real-world players to oppose you at every turn.

• Nautical themed battles, Pirate MMO Game
• And all manner of treasure and traded with all the players
• Customise, repair and upgrade your ship and weapons
• All key mmorpg features such as guilds and quests
• Browser-based game with no client download necessary
• Free to play

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