Seafight Circle of Salt

Seafight Circle of Salt
Seafight Circle of Salt

Bipoint with Seafight's a new Seaside Squad Event here on, Seafight Circle of Salt event for Halloween form 25th October to 6th November.

Have you felt the change on the Seven Seas, Captain? It bodes ill for all who sail upon the oceans.

An ancient cult of fanatics called the Kadurum Y’Ka have risen. Madmen who worship the salt distilled from human blood.

They have gathered their forces and once more threaten the very livelihood of all who live in the world and, through their machinations, have summoned the seawater goddess Y’Kanin to suck the very salt from her unsuspecting victims.

Prepare yourselves to fight as the dangers you face this Halloween will be greater than those which came before. Team up with Loreena Barrett, Bill ‘Barnacle’ Ballard and the eponymous William Bloodaxe to battle this new threat, with new group maps, secret quests and more as we enter the Circle of Salt!

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Source: Bigpoint - Seafight

In Seafight players take control of their own ship as they make their way through 50 seas across four environments, which include arctic areas, tropical lands and lava filled zones. With a number of different ships available, and over 100 ship designs to choose from, it is an action packed MMORPG with constant creation of new levels, quests, weapons, pirates and millions of real-world players to oppose you at every turn.

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