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  • Devilian Gets Ready for Update 1.4
  •   After combining the playerbase into two megaservers, Devilian is looking forward its next major content update: 1.4 Alvir's Legacy, which will hit the private test server in the near future with no specific date yet. The update will introduce a new level cap (56), new dungeons, new...
  • A Tempest is Coming to Devilian
  •   Devilian will release its first major content update on February 18, introducing a brand-new class, a new level cap, a new raid dungeon, two new archdevil dungeons and new gear sets. Not even two months after the official launch, Devilian will see the release of a new class: Tempest....
  • First Look at Devilian
  • We checked out Devilian, the new Action RPG from Trion Worlds currently in open beta where players get to play the part of a half-human half devil character in a world under siege by the demons from the abyss. With action combat, in depth storylines and stunning graphics the game is sure to...


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  1. Adelaide July 20, 2016 at 2:08 AM -

    Great article but it didn’t have evreithyng-I didn’t find the kitchen sink!

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