Devilian Gets Ready for Update 1.4


After combining the playerbase into two megaservers, Devilian is looking forward its next major content update: 1.4 Alvir's Legacy, which will hit the private test server in the near future with no specific date yet. The update will introduce a new level cap (56), new dungeons, new PvP and PvP gear sets, new artifacts and two new currencies.

New characters will receive support medallions, a new currency that can be exchanged for especial items. A box of these medallions will be earned every five levels, containing a certain number of Medallions. And there will be another type of currency: Victory Certifications. These PvP currency will allow players to acquire unique cosmetic items and a special title.

Alvir's Legacy will introduce four new Heroic and Hell mode dungeons, one archdevil dungeon and a brand-new type of dungeon: Heroic Archdevil. This new type has been designed for only the most powerful characters.

Check out some screenshots:


DV_ACT_Dungeon_EchoingCavern_vsDarkTruthNecromancer_01 DV_ACT_Dungeon_Glimmermire_vsParasiticMiggy_01 DV_BOSS_Dungeon_Glimmermire_SeductiveHeizel_01 DV_BOSS_Dungeon_StormCarvedPath_Ishtar_01 DV_ENV_Dungeon_StormCarvedPath_02 DV_MOB_Dungeon_Glimmermire_GrimSatyrArcher_01 DV_MOB_Dungeon_StormCarvedPath_CruelHarpy_01 DV_MOB_Dungeon_StormCarvedPath_DistortedTruthSlave_01

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