GENRE: Free to play MMO Action Roleplaying Game
DEVELOPER: Bluehole Ginno Games


A free to play MMO Devilian is a fantasy themed action roleplaying game set in an epic and dangerous world where malign forces threaten to destroy it, with explosive combat and multiple classes to choose from players can explore a vast land as they progress down a quest based narrative, level up their character, unlock its secrets and engage in exciting combat based encounters.


- Four classes to choose from
- Awaken into your Devilian form
- Dynamic and action packed combat
- Beautiful graphics and detailed environments to explore
- Challenging Dungeons
- PVP Arenas and Guild Wars
- Free to Play


The realm of Nala is under peril from a fallen deity that threatens all of creation, as one of the few remaining vanguards to protect your world you are thrown to the forefront to challenging this evil. Unlike others that may answer the call you hold a secret, a dark and fearsome power the brings both terror and hope to the hearts of men; you are a Devilian, a half-devil yourself with incredible powers that will help you protect the land and its people.


The core concept of the game is a traditional RPG game with action combat, players will choose a single class character and take on quests that lead them through the open world or into dungeon environments to progress the main story-arc as well as gain more information on the world and its characters through side quests. Combat is fast paced and interactive, giving the title the Action RPG moniker, playing more like an MMORPG instead of instanced based battles. Players gain XP through killing enemies and completing quests, which will allow them to level up their character, unlock new skills as well as customize them through a specialization path spending talent points to acquire new abilities and upgrade existing attacks. The game features plenty of solo content, but more difficult challenges will require groups of players to overcome in order to get the greatest rewards.


Each of the four classes in the game is locked to a specific character/gender, with minor customization elements such as changing skin and hair colour. The four classes offer different types of combat style and include:

The Cannoneer – A high damage long ranged sniper using a combination of magic and tech to wield powerful projectile weapons

The Berserker – a duel wielding melee combatant who builds up rage with each attack, fuelling their combat prowess and increasing damage the longer a fight goes on

The Evoker – An elemental mage who can summon fire, ice and lightning and channel it into powerful spells to control and damage their enemies

The Shadowhunter – Agile and artful, this tricky fighter dodges in and out of battle with brutal strikes and uses his long range chain whip to eliminate foes from a distance


Each class is half-devil and so as they progress through the game will reach a point where they can unlock their Devilian form. This form is initiated by building up their Awaken bar, the bar fills up each time the player deals damage to an enemy and when it reaches capacity can be activated to turn them into their new form. In their Devilian form players have access to similarly themed abilities, but considerably more powerful and so enabling them to take on more challenging enemies in their new form. When their Devilian side is triggered the Awaken bar begins to empty, only by attacking more enemies can it be replenished to keep them in their form otherwise they will revert back to their original self with their standard class skills.


One of the key components of the game is the fast paced combat, lacking any type of automatic targeting players control their character with the WASD movement or the left mouse keys and trigger their abilities with the 1 – 0 hot keys. When a spell is cast or an attack is made, the ability is directed towards the mouse cursor and so players must be mindful of their positioning at all times, similarly they can use the spacebar to perform an evasive maneuver such as a dash or short range teleport to dodge out of the way of incoming attacks.


OS: Windows XP SP3
CPU: Intel Core 2 DUO P9300
HD Space: 20GB
Graphics Card: GeForce 7800GT
DirectX Version: 9.0


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  1. Dreexel October 31, 2015 at 9:07 AM -

    why you have this here? trion sux at all game they publish … fuck this game!!!

  2. Rasmus March 15, 2016 at 2:29 PM -

    man this list is bs 😀 only game on the list i can tell is good is blade and soul 🙂 rest is crap 🙂

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