RIFT celebrates 10 years on Steam

RIFT celebrates 10 years on Steam
RIFT celebrates 10 years on Steam

Players can enjoy one month of festivities to mark the decade-long milestone, with giveaways and rewards galore

Heroes of Telara, get ready to mark RIFT's 10-year journey on Steam with an array of giveaways and an exciting challenge.

From today, 17 October, to 24 October 2023, Ascended players on their Telaran adventure can redeem 10 days of Patron. With Patron offering exclusive perks and bonuses to enhance the RIFT experience to even higher levels, players will benefit from perks such as bonus experience points and daily rewards.

In addition to 10 days of Patron, players can also look forward to two special events:

Challenge your RIFT knowledge with a fun quiz

From today until October 31, 2023, those who know Telara best can dive into a RIFT-themed quiz for a chance to be one of five lucky winners of 3000 credits.

The Autumn Harvest is also on the horizon

The festivities are set to get even sweeter with the arrival of the Autumn Harvest on 18 October 2023, bringing incredible rewards, including the adorable Glinda.

Commenting on RIFT’s 10-year celebrations, Kayly Ginsberg, Head of Marketing (PC & Console), said: “The RIFT community holds a special place in our hearts, so we’ve worked hard to make sure these celebrations are unforgettable for both existing and new players alike.

“A decade is a long time, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our Steam players. We were thrilled to be involved in the Steam 20th anniversary recently and we’re looking forward to another 10 years of Telaran adventures.”

Whether you’re new to RIFT or returning after a break, you can seamlessly dive in thanks to the new player guide of RIFT

With a host of decade celebrations and giveaways, now is the perfect time to delve into the magical world of Telara.

source: Gamigo Group - RIFT

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