In Rift: Planes of Telara players band together as heroes fighting off a planar invasion entering the world through a magical rift, which is slowly tearing the world apart. Play with thousands of other players in this action packed, free to play MMORPG.


RIFT - The world of Telara lies on the intersection of a number of powerful planes, the force that makes up reality and existence itself. These planes create an energy nexus around the planet, a power that attracted the fearsome elemental gods from the Blood Storm.

The Blood Storm over the millennia has consumed countless worlds with its unquenchable thirst for domination. Led by Regulos upon discovering Telara the Blood Storm began to fracture as its members looked to control Telara instead of destroying it as they had done with so many worlds prior.

This infighting gave the people of Telara the chance to rally an army and aided by their own deities to strike at the heart of the Blood Storm, imprisoning the invading elemental gods and destroying Regulos, banishing the dark gods spirit from the plane.

Fashioned by the mage’s and their gods, a mystical barrier known as the Ward was placed around Telara to protect it from threats from the other planes, keeping the Blood Storm imprisoned and keeping Regulos from ever returning.

The Ward has held for millennia until it was fractured by King Aedraxis, allowing the possible return of Regulos, as well as the Shade, a magical catastrophe that swept the land, which destroyed all it touched. Since that time nearly a century has passed and enormous rifts have started to appear at locations where these powerful planes intersect, further fracturing the Ward and once more bringing Telara to the brink of chaos.

The biggest threat to the world is the six elemental planes that have begun to affect Telara through the fractures in the Ward; Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Life and Death, and these planes must be defeated whatever the cost.

Spontaneous World

No matter where you go on Telara there is always something new to find, a previously unseen dynamic event adding an element of unpredictability to your exploration where were familiar areas can even have whole new surprises and unlock unique adventures.

The Races

Each of the available races in Rift has its own look, racial ability and in-depth lore and back story, which ties them in to the world at large. As well as this races are locked to a specific faction, either Defiant or Guardian.

The Bahmi - tracing back to their ancestors from the plane of air during the original blood storm war, the Bahmi are lead by a prince of the same name, and have proven themselves as skilled warriors.

The Dwarves - fallen people with no home of their own the dwarves have managed to settle amongst many of the other races, few are willing to turn away the talented dwarf and crafters.

The Eth – Nomads from the southern deserts, these humanfolk are survivalists that have tamed the wild using magic and have found a way to use sourcestone to fuel their eldritch war machines.

The High Elves – One of most ancient races that exist to date, their deity Tavril was directly responsible for the creation of Telara. Elegant, beautiful and cultured they are older and wiser than many of the “young” races.

The Kelari – Seen as stuck up by many other races, including their High Elf cousins, the Kelari feel they are on par and equals to their gods. They do not believe they have betters, only they who wish to prove themselves as equals.

The Mathosian – Once the rulers of the northern rocky highlands, the human Mathosians revere hard work and strength, and loyalty even more so. From humble beginnings and rising into the mightiest Empire known to the world of Telara, this great people were eventually torn apart.

Playable Factions

There are two primary factions that make up the driving forces in Rift; the Guardians and the Defiant. The Guardian is firmly put their belief in the five ruling gods of Telara; the Vigil, and that these gods have not abandoned the people. Whilst in the gods absence the guardians act as the protectors of Telara’s people, bringing law and order to those who cannot defend themselves, whether it is desired or not, but see this order and control as being an ultimate benefit and in the best interest of the people.

The Defiant couldn’t care less about the gods or the fact as to whether they have indeed abandoned the people, blaming the gods for the catastrophe of the rifts already. Their love of technology and living outside the law instilled by the guardians, they are branded as outcasts, seeking their own solution to Telara’s problems instead of waiting on the gods to provide one.

Playable Classes

There are four primary classes to choose from in rift, each with their own combinations and enhancements that can make them more unique and personal to the players own style.

The Warrior - Warriors fall into a number of different subclasses put a single element is seen in all of them, the use of weapons, strategy and melee combat makes them formidable opponents in close quarters.

Sub-classes: Reaver, Paladin, Champion, Void Knight, Riftblade, Paragon and Warlord

The Rogue - picking their targets and their moment is what defines the rogue from other combatants, skirting the edge of a battle they move in swiftly, strike quickly and then evade counter-attacks.

Sub-classes: Ranger, Blade Dancer, Nightblade, Marksman, Rift Stalker, Saboteur and Assassin

The Cleric - using the powers bestowed upon them by their sworn deity they can use them magical abilities to heal wounds and cure disease as well is raining down divine vengeance with their gods as their guide.

Sub-classes: Purifier, Sentinel, Justicar, Inquisitor, Druid, Shaman and Warden

The Mage - whilst them magical abilities are some of the most powerful available, some mage’s specialise in support magic’s to aid their companions and also heal them in battle.

Sub-classes: Warlock, Pyomancer, Elementalist, Archon, Dominator, Stormcaller and Necromancer

Genre: Free to play MMORPG

Platform: Windows and Steam

Developer: Trion Worlds

System Requirements
Currently Unspecified


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