Redeye Arrives In Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb has added a new mercenary to its roster: Redeye, a mid to long-range specialist. A new role-call video has been released showing this new character, watch it below.

Redeye features team-playing abilities that can seriously hinder the enemy’s ability to attack and defend, making his own team more efficient in battle as well. He can throw a smoke grenade that creates a large cloud of smoke, completely blocking vision in the area.

This new merc wears IR Googles, allowing him to see the world based on the heat given off by objets (and these googles work perfectly through the smoke cloud). Any enemies near the center of Redeye's vision will be Spotted, including invisible Phantoms. And these enemies will have their location displayed on the HUD of all of Redeye's allies.

His primary weapon is a the Grandeur SR, a rifle between the Dreiss AR and PDP-70, featuring stopping power and range that rivals the PDP-70, but with a strong rate of fire and effectiveness when fired from the hip that lets it compete with the Dreiss AR at the same time. He also carries a melee weapon, the Kukri, a knife with a with a wicked edge.

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Source: 37Games Press Release.

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