Dirty Bomb

GENRE: Free to play MMOFPS
PLATFORM: Windows / Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Splash Damage


From the developers that brought us Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Brink and Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer, this new FPS is a fast paced, adrenaline fuelled kill fest set on the streets of London. Switch between different characters, each with their own style of play and work as a team in a communicative co-op as you fight with and against players from across the world.


-          Fast paced First Person Shooter

-          5 unique characters

-          A variety of maps set around London’s famous districts (Camden, Whitechapel, Victoria, Waterloo, Battersea)

-          Multiple game modes

-          Customization

-          E-Sports


Set in 2020 the city of London has been hit with a mysterious and unexpected attack and now the city streets are nothing but an irradiated desolate wasteland void of people, all except the Mercenaries. Hired soldiers paid to head into these dangerous zones to locate valuable data and secrets and extract them for their buyers, however, your team isn’t the only group of mercs out there as rival factions fight against each other.


Team Death Match: A classic game mode where teams go head to head in brutal kill or be killed action, a simple mode that lets players get to grips with the games mechanics.


Stopwatch: Take it in turns with two teams playing as Attacker then Defender, trying to hold out for as long as possible before switching sides; the team that manages to last the longest as the Defenders wins.

There are multiple modes that will be available in the game with many objective based missions; everything from escorting extraction vehicles, defusing bombs and hacking various terminals as you navigate around the map with your team.


The game has no classes and instead breaks down into different characters, each of which is more proficient at a particular role and comes equipped with their own gear, traits and gadgets. However, whilst a character may excel in a certain area, all characters are able to perform the same tasks to varying degrees.

Sawbones: Combat Medic – Able to revive teammates and distribute Med Packs

Proxy: Close-Quarters Engineer - Uses proxy mines and can hack and disarm terminals

Vassili: Long Range Hunter – Equipped with a heartbeat sensor to track enemies and a Sniper Rifle

Thunder: (Unlockable) Frontline Point Man – Concussion Grenades and a Belt-Fed Machine Gun

Arty: (Unlockable) Ranged Fire Support – Can resupply with ammo packs and call in Air Strikes

More characters will be added with future updates to bring more tactical options to gameplay.


One of the main focuses of Dirty Bomb is the idea of team based play, getting rid of the “lone wolf” type player who heads off on their own, to survive the game and complete the objectives players will be required to stick together and use their strengths and weaknesses to pull through.


Player can level up their characters to unlock new gear and abilities, and can customize them with various weapon loadouts, cosmetic skins and weapon accessories.


For players that lack the time to commit to playing they can buy extra boosts to help keep up with their friends levelling so they are always a competitive group. New characters, customization options and gear are available from the cash-shop, but nothing that will create imbalance or a “pay to win” scenario.




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  1. pepe February 7, 2014 at 12:26 PM -

    Looks nice!

  2. Jackyl May 29, 2014 at 4:18 AM -

    Did this used to be called Extraction? Because it looks awful familiar.

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