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  • Major Content Update for Dirty Bomb Javelin
  • Major Content Update for Dirty Bomb Javelin Free to play shooter Dirty Bomb has just received a new content update introducing a brand-new character, updates to the Dome map, new group and matchmaking mechanics, new daily rewards, and new Merc pricing to make characters more attainable...
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  • For our latest “What Do We Love About…?” article we look to Nexon’s free to play MMO FPS Dirty Bomb, a fast paced shooter set in London where players fill the roles of various mercenary characters, each with their own class based skills, and go head to head in team based battles....
  • F2PMeter: Is Dirty Bomb Truly Free to Play?
  • In our newest F2PMeter we are looking at Nexon’s MMOFPS Dirty Bomb, where players fight in team based battles across a ruined London in 2020, completing objectives and battling it out with a variety of characters. The game has an interesting loadout system where players can only use weapons...


4 Comments - "F2PMeter: Is Dirty Bomb Truly Free to Play?"

  1. Jafarson September 21, 2015 at 4:44 PM -

    trash game

  2. Ized September 21, 2015 at 6:40 PM -

    Alright, there is a Huge point that you missed which make this test less relevant (maybe because your test is based on the old version), anyway:
    now you can buy the absolute best loadout card you want for 17.500 in game credit (not talking about skins)
    also “..takes around 1hr 30 to make 1000cr if you have played well..” this is true but without counting the case drop each 4rth game or so AND first games and wins of the day which can make you -and it did it for me many times- 1500 cr in ~1 sec (if you join a game that is about to end 😉

    so with this the game have one of the best f2p models and the score should objectively be higher (without counting that optimizing loadouts have that big of an impact anyway)

  3. Jafarson September 21, 2015 at 8:27 PM -

    1: there are no skins, just ugly colour variations
    2: you cant customize weapon in game! just chosing loadouts, and even you dont like it fully, weapon, secondary, melee or perk sucks anyway
    3: ironsight is optional, just for style, u can kill anyone fron 2 miles in 3 sec with hipfire
    4: only sniper rifle can kill with headshot in one bullet, other weapons need 1 full magazine to kill with headshot
    5:and finaly. worst thing i ever seen…. healers with defibrilators………. every healer has defibrilator (1 ranged revive defibrilator) and can ressurect you 20000000 times, with no CD. and even while crawling almost dead needs 1 magazine to execute or you need to get closer and stab him, in that time someone kills you… F U C K T H I S G A M E!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OVERWATCH IS COMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jafarson September 21, 2015 at 8:32 PM -

    and one more…. game looks realistic, not cartoonish right? and there you can wall jump 5000 times like fu ckin spiderman 2 meter height and 3000 m/ph speed characters

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