Planetside 2, OST making-of video with the composer Jeff Broadbent

SOE just released a new making-of video of the Planetside 2 OST with the Multimedia composer Jeff Broadbent.

"Composing the score for PlanetSide 2 was a great experience. The game is a landmark in first-person-shooters, and the opportunity to craft unique soundtracks for each of the three Empires was extremely rewarding." Commented Jeff, which has created the entire soundtrack of this popular MMOFPS, "For the Terran Republic, noble brass, soaring strings, massive percussion, and choir highlights propelled the action. Recorded by the Northwest Sinfonia, their score is a massive, mighty tribute to the military power of this faction. The blues-rock of the New Conglomerate infused a grass-roots vibe to this rebellious faction, while the blending of modern percussion gave a technological edge to their sound. The pulsing synths, evolving electronics, spiritual wind instruments and vocals of the Vanu Sovereignty conceived a sound that is both progressive and timeless, a symbol of their vision for the future and reliance upon ancient technology."

Source of Informations: SOE press release.

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