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  • First Impressions on Planetside 2
  • We shuttled down to the world of Auraxis to check out Planetside 2 from Daybreak Game Company, a free to play first person open world shooter where players get to sign themselves up to one of three powerful factions in a battle for the planets continents. The game initially went live a little...
  • Planetside 2 Will Launch on PS4 on June 23
  •   There is finally a date for the arrival of Planetside 2 to PS4. Daybreak Game Company's MMOFPS will land on PS4 in North America and Europe on June 23. The game will be available as a free to play downloadable title with an optional membership and optional in-game purchases. The...
  • F2PMeter: Is Planetside 2 Truly Free to Play?
  •   Our F2PMeter is back, and today it will put Planetside 2 to the test.This free to play MMOFPS takes players to Auraxis, a world at war in which they must join one of the three available factions and fight to capture and defend key territories. It features amazing graphics and a...


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    very true