Planetside 2 Arrives to PS4 on January 20


PS4 players finally got a date to enter Auraxis. Planetside 2 will enter Closed Beta for PlayStation 4 in North America on January 20, 2015. SOE will start with a few thousand invites, but the amount of players with access will increase through the Beta period, being invited in chronological order of when players signed up.

A full PS4 launch is set for later this year. Meanwhile, SOE will use this beta period to test the servers, performance, and various other aspects of the game. All players in the Closed Beta will have access to the special Beta forums, which will be the primary location for development interaction and feedback.

If you don't know Planetside 2 but you want to see what you can expect, check out our first look video. Also, you can visit our profile to learn more about the game by clicking on the info button below.


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