TCG & Turn-Based Games

Star Crusade () ( , , , )

Star Crusade GENRE: Free to play CCG PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: ZIMAD, Inc. OVERVIEW In Star Crusade players control their own army of science fiction themed soldiers and machines in a… More »

Gwent () ( )

GENRE: Free to play Card Collecting Game PLATFORM: PC, PS4, Xbox One DEVELOPER: CD PROJEKT RED SYNOPSIS Designed originally for the single player RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as… More »

Ancient Summoner () ( )

GENRE: Free to play MMO TCG PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: Gamebox OVERVIEW this free to play browser-based MMO releases RPG elements familiar trading card game systems where players must build… More »

Affected Zone Tactics (, ) ( , , )

Affected Zone Tactics GENRE: Free to play MMO Turn Based Strategy PLATFORM: Windows / Linux / Mac DEVELOPER: Light Vision Interactive GAME SYNOPSIS Set in a unique world revealed by… More »

Rise of Mythos () ( )

Developer: GameFuse Platform: Internet browsers SYNOPSIS Rise of Mythos – previously known as Kings and Legends Global – is a competitive online collectible trading card game with an MMO twist. In an… More »

Eredan Arena () ( , )

Eredan Arena Eredan Arena is a free to play browser based Trading Card Game where players can go up against each other with five chosen heroes and fight against each… More »

Faeria () ( )

GENRE: Free to play Card Strategy PLATFORM: Windows / Mac DEVELOPER: Abrakam SA OVERVIEW Faeria is a title that combines chess like board game strategy with the deck building and… More »

Hearthstone () ( , , )

Hearthstone Set in the Warcraft universe, Hearthstone is a free-to-play digital strategy card game that will enter beta testing in summer 2013. Players will be able to choose to play… More »

Chronicles of Eidola () ( , )

Chronicles of Eidola GENRE: Free to play Hero Building RPG PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: AMZGame OVERVIEW A browser based fantasy RPG, Chronicles of Eidola gives players a story driven adventure… More »

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends () ( , )

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends OVERVIEW Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is a free to play fantasy card game with RPG elements set in the world of RuneScape. In the game players will go head… More »

Atlas Rogues (, ) ( )

Atlas Rogues A team based strategy players must work cooperatively to battle AI challenges and other players in turn based combat where everyone makes their choices at the same time,… More »

Eredan iTCG () ( )

  Developer: Feerik Platform: Internet browser SYNOPSIS Eredan iTCG in an online trading card game set in an original medieval fantasy universe where players will use a deck of characters… More »