Chronicles of Eidola

Chronicles of Eidola

GENRE: Free to play Hero Building RPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


A browser based fantasy RPG, Chronicles of Eidola gives players a story driven adventure set in a mythical realm where rising evil is seeking out an ancient relic that can grant the heart’s desire: the Holy Grail. As an Avenger you are tasked with forming contracts with powerful Eidolon, heroes and devils of old, to band together and recover this powerful artifact. The game can be played through your preferred web browser and is completely free to play.


- Dozens of Eidolon characters to recruit and train
- Turn based combat
- Advance the story driven – quest based Campaign
- Earn gear and items to upgrade your characters
- Battle through PVE instances and Co-Op Dungeons
- Earn Medals and Ranks in the PVP Arena
- Browser gameplay
- Free to play


The game provides a hero building RPG where players must acquire new characters to put into their team, upgrade them through various systems and increase their overall BR score to face more challenging PVP and PVE encounters. With a combination of multiple heroes, formation positioning and combo building through the Arcane Combat mechanics, the game is a strategic tactical MMO that introduces new features as players level up.


The Eidolon are the characters from lore, history and mythology that players will recruit, these powerful characters will battle for the player in instanced based combat using their unique abilities. Eidolon can be recruited in various ways, unlocked through the PVE Campaign, purchased from the shop, or acquired through the Summoner’s Portal; each Eidolon has its own star rating that ranges from one (lowest) to five (highest) starts, though through gear upgrades and the evolve system these Eidolon can be improved which will boost their stats and abilities.

Every Eidolon has abilities that are unique to them, whether combat orientated or buffs and heals for their allies; whilst abilities aren’t targeted directly by the player, and instead have a specific location they will attack (e.g. the front row of the enemy formation, the entire column in front of them, the enemy with the lowest hit points, etc.) the players can position their Eidolon on their Formation to have an element of control.


Based on a three by three grid, players will arrange their Eidolon into a formation that is broken down into a frontline, mid-line and a backline; the arrangement determines not only where the Eidolon will attack on the enemy formation, but also which Eidolon will be targeted by enemy attacks. New Formations are unlocked when players level up, allowing Eidolon to be placed in different patterns that suit the player’s strategy and benefit specific Eidolon; initially players can only place three Eidolon in a Formation, but this increases as the player increases their character level and allows a maximum of five Eidolon.


Combat is a mix of automated battles with elements of player involvement, with turn based attacks players have a number of seconds to choose their action otherwise it will be automatically chosen by the game (players can opt for a complete AFK mode where the game controls their team for the entire fight).

During a player’s turn they must choose one of three different Arcane runes to use, a Vital rune (green), Glacial rune (blue) or Infernal rune (orange); these correspond to the individual abilities of each Eidolon within their party. In order for an Eidolon to use their ability their skills arcane runes must be activated in order, so for Roland to cast his “Shield” ability on allies it requires that first a Vital (green) rune is chosen in one round, and then an Infernal (orange) rune chosen in a subsequent round; it doesn’t matter if the second Infernal rune is activated in the next consecutive round after the Vital rune, and a Glacial blue rune could be cast in between (to trigger an Eidolon that might have a green-blue ability) only that the runes are cast in the correct order.

Depending on the composition of heroes active in a formation, and the order in which players want abilities to be triggered, the player must decide which combination of runes to use over the course of battle and chain together various abilities to have synergy with each other.


Web Browser


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