Ancient Summoner

GENRE: Free to play MMO TCG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


this free to play browser-based MMO releases RPG elements familiar trading card game systems where players must build up their own deck hundreds of different fantasy based cards and go head-to-head in battles of up to 4v4. Combine cards, and use the extraction and fusion features to create new tactics and strategy. Each card is own uniquely designed graphics to fit with the themes and style of the game features fleshed out animated battle scenes dependent on the cards you have used in play.


- Build up your own Empire collectable cards
- Level up your hero, equipping them with improved gear in your adventure
- Play against enemy AI or other players in battles of up to 4v4 players
- Detailed card artwork and descriptions giving each card its own unique features
- RPG story elements that players unlock a larger story arc
- Ongoing themed and seasonal server events
- 100% free to play


Combat is activated when two or more teams go head-to-head on the battlefield, broken up into a grid of various numbers of lanes that stretch across the battlefield, each hero starting one end of the battlefield, and players are able to place their cards on the great to build up their army.

Each card has its own “Countdown” value which represents family turns it will take before that card can be played into battle, the countdown reduce by one turn be played when the number reaches zero

Each unit on the battlefield is represented by its own collectable card, each with its own attacks score, health and traits. Some units can only attack in one direction, others can attack long range over multiple squares where some have the traits like Vigilance where they can attack units all around them.

When a units is reduced to 0 hit points is placed into the graveyard, removed from play can be used again in the next battle. The aim of the battle to get your units to the other side so that they can directly attack the enemy hero and reduce its hit points, thereby killing it and winning a game. In the meantime the enemy will continuously place its troops on the battlefield to block you whilst also trying to overwhelm your forces and kill your own hero.


The game hosts regular server events which often fall into the limited time events category and seasonal events where players only have a few days to achieve their goals for the chance of earning a unique limited reward. Many events happen once a year, or even once in a lifetime, so players can get extremely rare and unique cards.


There are a variety of different cards each with their own attributes, and range from common cards to extremely rare and powerful cards signified by different stars and colours: Common (White, 1 star), Good (Green, 2 stars), Rare (Blue, 3 stars), Epic (Purple, 4 stars), Legendary (Orange, 5 stars), Godlike (Red, 6 stars). Players can collect cards by opening up new decks, as rewards received from battles, by fusing cards or purchasing them on the in game auction.


The game does have some story driven elements, revolving around combat against the AI where the player advances across the world fighting various threats and menaces and claiming rewards and XP in the process when successful. Different weapons and items can be earned and players can manage their infantry and hero stats to increase things such as their hit points and defences.


Players are able to fight side-by-side with their friends team based instances, fighting cooperatively as a group against different AI enemies. Alternatively they can fight against other players in the arena in tactical 4v4 team battles to earn rewards and glory!


Web Browser




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