Affected Zone Tactics

Affected Zone Tactics

GENRE: Free to play MMO Turn Based Strategy
PLATFORM: Windows / Linux / Mac
DEVELOPER: Light Vision Interactive


Set in a unique world revealed by teleportation technology, players must build up their own mercenaries and fight together alongside friends and clan mates against other real world players in cooperative PVP point capture battles. Affected Zone Tactics is completely free and shows off great 2.5d isometric top down visuals in this turn based strategy, players must level up, unlock gear, equip their mercenary then fight to recover a powerful energy resource that will bring them fame and fortune!


  • Four different mercenary classes

  • Twelve unique specializations

  • Full gear and skill customization

  • Cooperative Team Based PVP

  • Turn Based Strategy

  • Point capture objectives

  • Completely free to play

  • Cross platform compatibility


In the mid 1940’s scientists working on Nikola Tesla’s research managed to create the first teleportation portal, able to transport users to a foreign land that appeared on no map. No one knew whether this new land, named the Tesla Zone, was an undiscovered location on Earth, a new planet altogether or the possibility of a parallel world to our own; what they did know was that it was the only source of the blue energy crystal resource Telarium.

A flood of settlers entered the portal trying to make their fortune finding Telarium, but over the decades the greedy mega-corporations and their private armies, the hired political mercenary organizations, gangs of organized criminals, and even the mutated original settlers now all fight each other to claim the blue crystal for themselves. The Tesla Zone is now nothing short of a warzone.


At its core Affected Zone Tactics is a turn based team point capture game, players control one or more mercenary units in a squad of players who have to work together and compete against another team of players. The objective for both teams is to capture and hold 5 flags spread across the map, each turn the players get to manoeuvre their respective units around the map to different points, taking advantage of cover, entering buildings, setting up ambushes or firing at enemy mercenaries. By passing over a flags area that flag changes colour to the team who now occupy it, earning points each turn until the other team take it over. Both teams goal is to reach the max points (up to 5000 points) to claim victory, alternatively they will win if all enemy team mercenaries are killed.


Players have a general Military Rank that determines what features they have access to, unlocking new abilities and options as they gain XP; similarly through researching they will unlock access to new weapons, items and skills that can be used by the mercenary units they control. Mercenaries come in four unique classes, split down into twelves sub-specializations, this specialization gives access to unique abilities and gear, including a wide selection of weapons such as machine guns, pistols, grenades, sniper rifles and more as well as a host of items to aid them in combat. Individual mercenaries level up when used in combat, having their own stats to determine their health, their vision, accuracy, strength and other attributes to make them more powerful as they level up and better contributors to their team.


An aspect of the game that really defines the strategy element is the line of sight mechanic where players are unable to see enemy units unless one of their own units has a direct visual on them, the result being lots of stealthy strategy and trying to set up ambushes. Players must work cooperatively with the rest of their team to move from cover to cover, set traps, predict enemy locations and try to flush them out with grenades; attacking areas or over cover that they may believe the enemy to be hiding even if they can’t see them. Those that rush into battle will quickly find themselves dropped by unknown sniper fire, or suddenly surrounded by a group of enemies in wait, players need to think tactically, patiently and learn the ins and outs of the many game maps to be victorious.


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