Eredan Arena

Eredan Arena

Eredan Arena is a free to play browser based Trading Card Game where players can go up against each other with five chosen heroes and fight against each other in a best of 5 rounds to try and win the match. Using their different heroes abilities players can perform special attacks with random dice rolls that have unique properties in combat.

The nine Guilds of heroes that make up the greatest adventurers in the world of Eredan have disappeared; captured by the notorious Amnezy seeking her revenge. Brought to her own special arena the heroes of the Guilds will be forced to fight alongside their enemies and against their own companions for Amnezy’s entertainment.

Key Features
- Dozens of different heroes to choose from
- Unique spells, defences and attacks for each hero
- Earn cards, crystals and boosters through playing games; win or lose
- Detailed hero artwork
- Completely Free to Play
- Play in your Internet Browser
- Compatible with Facebook Connect and Google+
- Available in an app from Google Play Story or Apple Store

The Hero Cards
Each hero has their own name and unique artwork, rank attack value and abilities. The hero’s attack value and abilities are they key points for each card:

Attack Value – This value, represented by a Sword icon, shows how much damage a hero will do with a single attack.

Abilities – These abilities are unique to each hero and can be made up of one or more of the other icons (Yellow Symbol, Red Strength and Blue Fireball) in different variations and combos specific to that hero. These abilities have varying effects from increasing your own Attack Value damage, debuffing your enemies’ attacks or simply doing a more powerful Attack itself.

The higher the rank of the card the more powerful these attacks become, and as often as not the more difficult they are to pull off. Each card has three gem slots that must be filled in order to level up the hero card.

The Game
Players start by choosing their team of five heroes that they will take into battle, selected from those that they have unlocked through playing the game. Each hero will stand alone, unlike other TCGs there is no real deck building involved trying to pair up ideal cards that work well together; in the game each hero stands alone.

The game will randomly determine who pulls their hero first, which is then taken in turns in following rounds, meaning that if your opponent calls their hero first then you are able to put up a hero you think might have a good chance of beating them.

Once each hero is called the players automatically roll 6 dice, each of which have the 4 different icons: Grey Attack, Yellow Symbol, Blue Fireball and Red Strength, which will be done three times giving a random result every roll. Each time players can lock down the dice they wish to keep in order to try and build up the required symbols to unleash their heroes’ special ability (which in some instances can be performed multiple times). As well as locking in their abilities players must also consider locking in their normal attacks.

Either once the player has locked in all six dice, or the dice have been rolled three times, the attacks are then made. Each players heroes attack, performing their special abilities first, as these will often mitigate or buff normal attacks, and then the standard attacks are made; each locked Grey Attack dice will equate to one standard attack.

Each hero will potentially fight once, with a best of five rounds (though if one player wins the first three rounds then the match is won), and one player declared the winner. During the game players can send little automated picture messages with themed smilies.

Treasure Chests
At the end of the game the players get to choose a reward from six treasure chests which can contain a random reward of Red Gems, used for purchasing some heroes in the in-game store, booster packs or even hero cards themselves. If a player receives a card they have already acquired then they can either sell that card for Red Gems or use it to add a green gem to their Hero card to try and level it up.

Premium Currency
The game uses in game Red Gems for the free currency that is unlocked through gameplay and can be used to buy some lower grade heroes. However, Crystals are the premium currency that must be purchased. With Crystals players can purchase better heroes from the store or use them to unlock multiple chests after playing in a match.

System Requirement
Internet Browser

Genre: Free to play Trading Card Game MMO
Platform: Internet Browser, iOS, Android
Developer: Feerik


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